Facebook Poker Is Rigged

Facebook Poker Rigged

Facebook Poker RiggedThese Facebook poker games pass themselves off as realistic poker and we are here to show poker players that Facebook poker games are rigged.

Poker game developers on the internet have targeted poker addicts. Developing an adrenaline base poker game that focuses on players that play for the rush. Every hand draws big card combinations, driving the pot to ridiculous chip amounts, with every player feeling they have the hand. Poker developers claim their poker game engine uses a RNG (Random Number Generator).

The biggest poker community at risk of losing large amounts of money from these unrealistic rigged poker games is Facebook. Anyone that knows how to create a poker game, can easily post one on Facebook without any gaming oversight. You can’t win real money but you can use your real money to play Facebook poker games. Facebook poker chip prices range from one dollar to hundreds.  Facebook poker games go unregulated and complaints about game developers cheating are left unanswered.

After years of playing, becoming addicted and losing a lot of money playing these Facebook social poker games, we realized the unfairness and manipulation by these poker game developers. We decided to write and record these poker games in hopes to get Facebook to ban or regulate these games and save other poker players from spending money, only to lose it to a game developer acting as a common Facebook user, poker bot or an unrealistic RNG system.

These Facebook poker games pass themselves off as realistic poker and we are here to show poker players that Facebook poker games are rigged. We catch them in the act of robbing players of their poker chips.

All of the Facebook poker games constantly show you pop up messages asking you to buy chips with real money. In the heat of a bad beat a poker player may buy chips, especially if asked to buy them repeatedly. All of the games have a dedicated buy chips button some where within the app. Why do these developers feel the need to constantly ask people to spend real money? After all it’s only a game, right? Or is it gambling?

In our investigation, after years of game play, we found that the game owners play as well. Disguised as realistic looking Facebook accounts. Like most offending online poker games, these owners hide their true identities or make it extremely difficult to find out who’s in charge. They usually are based out side of the United States.

Other real money online poker gambling sites were banned in the US for cheating players out of money. The top offenders are Poker Stars and Full Tilt Poker. Just recently Poker Stars found a loophole to make money by cheating players on Facebook. Since the players can’t make real cash it’s not illegal in the US. The point of banning these online poker games to begin with was the money players lost by cheating. So, just because it’s a For-Fun-Game doesn’t make it any less financially risky.

Facebook poker is rigged, and we recommend you to never pay for real chips. It’s too risky to believe the games are not cheating. There’s no one to watch them, making sure your money is safe. Would you put your trust and money with someone you didn’t know? Remember this question the next time you’re tempted to hit the “Buy Chips Now” button in online poker games. There’s a person on the other end racking in the cash and laughing when you go for broke. If you don’t believe us read our findings and watch our videos of rigged Facebook poker hands in action. Always remember, poker is a game of probabilities and if cards aren’t as realistic as home or professional TV poker, it’s rigged.

Of course royal flushes, straight flushes, four of a kind etc. happen but 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 times in a row, in one sitting is not probable. One of the common excuse poker sites use for these scenarios is, “more hands are seen online then in real world poker.” If you took three one hour Phil Ivey games and combined them, comparing it to a half an hour online poker game, twice as many straights and three of a kinds would appear on online poker.

Crooks always have an excuse and always think they can get away with their crimes, but with your help in sharing this site, we can put a stop to them and save people from being victimized by Facebook poker games.