World Poker Club Is Rigged – Dont Buy Chips

Today, I lose ridiculously on World Poker Club to a very lucky group of poker players on Facebook. I played for about an hour, patiently waiting to play a good hand. After 25 or so hands I decided to slowly play one. To my surprise I hit a straight but the guy above me hits a straight flush. In the end I lose my little chips only to be enticed to pay for more or wait 25 minutes for 2,000 chips. Never pay for Facebook poker chips, it will always end one way, broke.


Facebook World Poker Club Rigged

The Facebook poker game World Poker Club rigs James’ game, leaving him broke. This random player enters the game and gets an AA, beating James’ KQ on the flop. The following hand James is presented with a possible flush. The mysterious player that won with AA flops a three of a kind with jacks, leaving James with zero chips in two hands. After losing all of his chips the Facebook poker game presents a pop up window asking James to buy chips. James was clearly robbed by a fake Facebook account. Who can protect players like James?